Italian Tuition Rules


  1. Structure and fees. A small group can consist of one to five persons on fee sharing basis; participants in the small group must be family members, friends or neighbours or workmates.

Tuition fees are based on HK$ hourly rates as follows:

(1) one person, $500 (per hour)

(2) two persons, $600 (ie. $300 per person per hour)

(3) three persons, $900 (ie. $300 per person per hour)

(4) four persons, $1,000 (ie. $250 per person per hour)

(5) five persons, $1,000 (ie. $200 per person per hour)


  1. Fees (non-refundable) are payable in advance in blocks of 6 lessons. The payment has a life of 120 days from date of first lesson; unused sums beyond 120 days will be forfeited.


  1. Venue. All lessons take place at our school premises on Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. Out-call visits to student home, office or other venue is subject to approval of the school administration, and in any event fee loadings apply:

(1) for all venue on Hong Kong island MTR network, +30%

(2) for all venue in Kowloon peninsula MTR network, +50%

(3) for all N.T. venue on train network, +100%

We do not do out-calls for islands or other areas not served by train networks.


  1. How to enrol? Complete the registration form (Form-SG) with the relevant information, date and sign and return to us. The school administration will issue a debit note with payment instructions to the student to set up a new SG account which will be confirmed by payment of the student.


  1. Teacher arrangement. All teachers are native Italian with appropriate experience and qualification. A specific teacher is assigned by the school to take charge of a small group for each block-payment cycle. Student request for change of teacher in the course of a pre-paid block is not encouraged, but in genuine situations of grievance a request may be made in writing addressed to the President signed by the student setting out the complaints against the teacher. The President will personally investigate the complaints and make suitable arrangements. Subject to staff availability, students are free to ask for change of teacher without naming any reason upon renewal of each pre-paid cycle.


  1. On occasions contingency may arise obliging a teacher in charge of a small group to go out of town on home visit backto Italy. In these situations the school will immediately arrangefor a substitute teacher to continue with the scheduled lessons. Students who insist on suspending lessons to wait for the return of the original teacher run the risk of having their balance fees forfeited when the 120 days life runs out.


  1. Timetable and record. A class log (timetable) is kept for the purpose of record. Students should sign for attendance at every lesson. The teacher will also sign the log at each lesson in the presence of the students. Correct date, time, duration and brief notes of each lesson must be written by the teacher at the end of each lesson.


  1. At the first lesson of each cycle students are required to indicate a complete schedule of dates and times for all remaining lessons covered by the payment. Tentative booking dates can be changed by the student any time by giving of not less than 24 hours advance notice to the school secretary direct. The 24-hours prior notice may be waived in the case of unforeseeable accident, emergency, sudden illness or other reasonable circumstances properly explained to the school administration who retains ultimate discretion whether to allow the waiver or enforce fees forfeiture.


  1. Teachers are not permitted to agree privately with students to change or postpone booked lessons without informing the school. All timetable changes must be confirmed by the school administration and communicated by the school secretary to both the student and the teacher to be effective.


  1. Renewal and termination. Upon completion of each 6-hour block students wishing to continue will be debited for new blocks of relevant fees. No notice of termination is required for students who do not wish to continue the tuition after finishing the current timetable of bookings.


1 January 2015


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